Software Application Integration

What is it and what are the advantages?

Integrated software combines two or more separate programs into a single program. This type of software is typically used in order to make it easier for users to access all of the features and functions that they need in one place.

Integration of software systems is the process of joining together different components of a software system to form a cohesive whole. This can be done manually or through automated means. In manual integration, different software components are combined together by a programmer. This is a timeconsuming process and is prone to errors. Automated integration, on the other hand, uses tools to combine different software components. This is a faster and more reliable method.

Software Integration Advantages

Some benefits of software integration include increased efficiency, improved communication, and reduced costs. When software applications are integrated, businesses can automate tasks and processes, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, integrating different software applications can help improve communication between employees and departments, as well as between different business partners. Furthermore, integrating software can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain multiple software applications.

There are a number of reasons to integrate software applications. The most common reason is to share data between applications. For example, a customer database maintained in one application can be integrated with a sales order system so that customer information can be automatically populated in sales orders. Other reasons to integrate software applications include sharing functionality (e.g., integrating a word processor with a spreadsheet so that data from the spreadsheet can be pasted into the word processor), and creating a single interface for users (e.g., integrating a number of applications into a single web portal).


  • CRMs/ERPs
  • Payment Gateways
  • Accounting Systems
  • Lead Managements Tools
  • Web Apps
  • Legacy Systems
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • Freight/Shipping Systems
  • Social Media
  • Email Services

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