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UseTech Design will give you control and visibility over processes and data. We provide free estimates and milestones along the way. We learn your business domain and deliver complete solutions through high quality software that meets the needs of your business. That’s why!

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High Quality code

Strict standards, consistency, readability, and reusability.  We believe the best solutions are those that are easy to read and understand.

We specialize in designing and building innovative solutions that you can grow with.

Innovative technology

We design user interfaces around tasks and existing workflows making employee time more productive.  We strive to understand the value that our software brings to your business. By using the latest Agile software development methodologies, we can provide more value in less time, focusing on efficiency.

product management

We learn your business and innovate through product management as a guide for success.  We focus on what’s important: delivering results. We strive to maximize the value we provide on your timeframe and within your budget, working together to get you where you need to go.

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High Quality Code

Strict Coding Standards Ensure Consistent Quality

We have a set of internal coding standards that all of our team members adhere to, ensuring consistent patterns throughout. Our standards are designed to improve code readability and reusability.

Static Analysis Tools Are Really Important

These automated tools work as part of the development process to analyze code and identify code smells or other potential problems that could lead to unintended consequences. We run these tools and enforce their compliance to reduce the number of bugs in the code that we produce.

Code That Is Easy To Read & Understand

Due to the nature of programming there are an infinite number of solutions to a problem. We believe the best solutions are those that are easy to read and understand so that other developers later can quickly make necessary adjustments to code. The cost of maintaining a software application over its lifetime can exceed the cost of writing it in the first place, making this an important factor in the long-term viability of a codebase.

Focus On Eliminating Technical Debt

Technical debt is a term that refers to the cost of short-sighted decisions or shortcuts taken in software development. It is the cost of getting the code refactored or rewritten the “right way” and comes with interest (as the codebase changes over time the cost of refactoring increases).

Experience Delivering Enterprise-Scale Systems

We specialize in designing and building large-scale and complete systems that ensure the consistency of your data from end to end.

Innovative Technology

Task-Based User Interfaces Mean Less Clicks

The majority of software today is designed to give the user long lists and unintuitive add/edit screens resulting in employees spending their days clicking away. We design user interfaces around tasks and existing workflows making employee time more productive.

Machine Learning Tools To Augment Employee Decision Making

Machine learning systems are those that use data to make decisions and learn from the results of its decisions being fed back into itself. Email spam filters are a simple example of this, and it is suited for the augmentation of a variety of manual classification and triage tasks, as well as numerous other applications.

Intuitive Interfaces For Today’s Workers Reduce Training Costs

For businesses where turnover is an issue it’s important to keep the cost of training new hires as low as possible. Our interfaces are designed around the types of interfaces that your “typical new hire” uses on a daily basis like Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon. Your internal apps can be designed with similar interfaces as to be intuitive to its users.

Product Management

Beyond Business Analysis With Product Management

We learn your business. The majority of software today is designed to give the user long lists and unintuitive add/edit screens resulting in employees spending their days clicking away. We design user interfaces around tasks and existing workflows making employee time more productive.

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