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UseTech Design’s software development services cater to small business with solutions-based strategies tailored to your organization’s present needs and long-term objectives.

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Technology Driven Decision Making

Many day-to-day business decisions that are manual, routine, and repetitive utilize variables that technology can employ to automate and advance these processes.  Current technologies offer an extensive list of capabilities for business process automation to streamline these decisions with speed and accuracy.  Implementing technology driven decision-making yields consistent outcomes that establish a standard for your business processes.  In turn, this fosters a rise in customer satisfaction, customer base, and ultimately the bottom line.

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Founded in 2001
We are a software development company focused on automating important business processes.

Other areas of expertise include automated reporting and support in manufacturing and logistics. While we offer near limitless solutions, here are some of our popular services:

custom database applications

Custom databases adapt to your company’s unique workflow You focus on your business and we will focus on the software to support it. 

Legacy Conversions

As applications get older the technical debt can pile up and make even the smallest change like an undertaking.

Thinking about a rewrite?

kpi dashboards

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards can provide valuable insights  into performance, metrics and strategy.

Business automation & reporting

As your business grows and processes become refined, it becomes increasingly important to automate processes to support continued growth.

Enhance, Integrate, Streamline

API Integration

APIs are truly the cornerstone of automation strategy; serving as the interface that allows system integration to automate processes and increase efficiency.  An organization can exploit this powerful tool with seamless functionality between databases, CRM systems, accounting systems, payment gateways, and e-commerce systems to name a few.

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