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Founded in 2001, UseTech Design is

A software development company focused on automating important business processes. Other areas of expertise include automated reporting and support in manufacturing and logistics.

Business Process Automation

Your business has grown, but your software has not.

A common problem that our customers have is that as their businesses have grown, their processes have not. What was once an after-lunch duty for one person has now grown to a team of four or more full-time employees, with no end in sight.

Custom Software Integration

Data synchronization, push notifications

Businesses often rely on a variety of hardware and software solutions to keep their business running. Unfortunately, those components don't often communicate well (if at all). We can provide integration services that can read and write data to multiple sources, creating synchronization services, push notifications, and automated reports.

Increased efficiency

Our process is simple:

  • Shadow employees as they go about their business
  • Identify inefficiencies in current business processes
  • Deliver software that improves your workers' efficiency
  • Sit back, and watch your bottom line get even better!

Custom Software Solutions

We increase your business efficiency by writing custom software solutions to assist in the automation of your business processes. Types of software written include:

  • Custom Software for Business Process Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Automated Reporting
  • Real-Time Factory/Plant Tracking Dashboards
  • Customer Information Portals
  • Your Next Software Project

Automated Reporting

Automatic Report Generation and Delivery to static or dynamic distribution lists.

Reports can be processed and run around the clock, and then delivered in to anyone in virtually any format. Internal reports as well as reports for your customers wanting to track the progress of their orders.

Excel and Access Total Conversion

Other legacy software systems, too.

We can upgrade legacy code written in Visual Basic, COBOL, C++, and many other languages, and for many systems such as AS/400

Data Migration

Whether it's a one-time migration or continuous and ongoing pushes from one system to another, we've got you covered.


While we can solve a near limitless set of problems, here are some of our popular services

Custom Database Applications

Custom databases adapt to your company's unique workflow. Focus on your business and let us focus on the software to support it.

Custom Databases »

KPI Dashboards

KPI dashboards can provide valuable insights to employees either at desks or in common areas.

KPI Dashboards »

Legacy App Conversion

As applications get older the technical debt can pile up, making even the smallest change like moving a mountain. Thinking about a rewrite?

Rewrite Legacy Apps »

Integrated AI & Analytics

By leveraging the Microsoft ML.NET platform we are able to quickly and efficiently build and train data models so that you can ask the questions.

Machine Learning & AI »

COVID-19 Screening & Surveys

With employees heading back to work, self-screening and temperature checks can be easily managed with this simple software. Free for small businesses.

COVID-19 Screening Surveys »

Business Automation & Reporting

As your business grows and processes become refined, it becomes increasingly important to automate processes to support continued growth.

Business Automation


Some of the things we've worked on

Our unique position within the industry allows us to work on a wide variety of projects. Some of our current projects are shown to the right

Start your project with us »

System to automatically categorize text based on training data (Machine Learning)

Done & Delivered!

Custom replacement to expensive third-party SaaS vendor

Delivery In Progress

Factory-wide eventing, monitoring, and alerting system

In Progress - 20% Complete

Custom Software

Take a look at our process

Understand Your Needs

A Better Understanding

Before a single line of code is written, we work with you to gain a solid understanding of how we can fit into your process to make it more efficient. We use tools like mockups and story cards to convey our understanding back to you, and then work on a short-cycle iterative process.
Create a Value Strategy

The Value Strategy

The Value Strategy is a unique aspect of our business. Rather than blindly complying with requests, we strive to understand the value that our software brings to your business, and get that value into your hands as quickly as possible.
Rapid Deployment cycles

Rapid Deployment

Our deployment cycle can get new software builds into your hands as often as you need them, even on a daily basis. By doing this we can work together to get you where you need to go.
Use Agile Methodologies

Agile Methodologies

By using the latest Agile software development methodologies, we can provide more value in less time.
On Time. Under Budget.

On Time. Under Budget. Ever heard that before?

We focus on what's important: delivering results. We strive to maximize the value we provide on your timeframe and within your budget.

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