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SaaS is a third-party, web or cloud based software, managed by a provider and accessed by users via the internet.  An organization will then subscribe and pays a monthly or annual fee for the software services.

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First, let us understand what Software as a service (SaaS) is.  SaaS is a third-party, web-based software, managed by a provider and accessed by users via the internet.  Many organizations find SaaS appealing due its flexibility and ease in managing and updating the software.  Additionally, small businesses and start-ups that are lacking capital for upfront costs may prefer a fee based service.  SaaS is not without its challenges and considerations, however.  Most important, you must have a dependable internet connection yet latency issues may pose an issue, regardless.  With SaaS, you are dependent on the vendor who manages the application and databases, affecting customization and integration.  Security is also a top concern; data security is in the hands of a third party, which may pose issues where compliance and regulations are involved. 


Replacing Software as a Service (SaaS) with custom software solutions can streamline your organization and automate business processes.  You will regain control over your applications and break free from the limitations of SaaS.  Custom software tailored to your organizations needs and requirements offers flexibility, scalability, and a long-term return on investment.


UseTech Design’s software development services cater to small business with solutions-based strategies tailored to your organization’s present needs and long-term objectives.  Before a single line of code is written, we work to gain a solid understanding of the problem(s) in order to execute the most efficient solution(s).  This process yields a custom and scalable application that supports workflows and processes, increasing productivity and accelerating growth.  This flexibility combined with today’s ever-evolving technology is the competitive approach a successful organization can capitalize on.  A unique aspect of UseTech Design is our value strategy.  We strive to understand the value that our software brings to your business and get that value into your hands as quickly as possible with rapid deployment cycles and Agile software development methodologies.

SaaS Replacement with Custom software solutions

Custom software tailored to your organization’s needs offers flexibility, scalability, and a long-term return on investment.

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