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According to statistics, global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $5.4 trillion USD in 2022 and over half of that is generated via mobile devices. Ensure your business is ready to compete! 

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E-commerce (electronic commerce) software facilitates the online buying and selling process that consists of a searchable product catalog referred to as a database, a shopping cart to enable customers to manage their order, and payment processing to complete the transaction.  Essentially, e-commerce software manages a business’s online storefront.

According to statistics, global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $5.4 trillion in 2022 and $1 trillion in the US market alone. As the e-commerce industry continues to thrive, businesses have embraced today’s technologies to compete and grow their business online.

E-commerce success relies on superior usability and experience. Enhanced user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), as well as speed, efficiency, and security functionalities are the cornerstones. As well, offering a mobile-ready and responsive website with the above functionalities will position your business for success in a world where more than half of web traffic is generated from mobile devices.   


Web development refers to the work of building and maintaining websites. The spectrum of web development services; however, encompasses a broader range of offerings from web applications to database services. With today’s ever-evolving technology, users are engaged through responsive content and experience. That first impression is crucial to remaining relevant and staying competitive in business and web development is the cornerstone.      


If you are interested in enhancing your web experience and functionality, a web-based application or web app integrates into a website and efficiently interacts with your users for services such as processing online sales or payments. Custom web applications offer business process automation in a scalable and growth oriented capacity.  Using the newest technologies and tailored to your business needs, a custom web application can streamline processes, increase efficiency, offer unique features, engage customers, and more.

A progressive web application (PWA) is app software launched via the web and designed utilizing common technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to work on any platform.  In contrast to native or web apps, progressive web apps are faster and more cost effective to create with progressive enhancements to offer a responsive and enhanced user experience in all browsers.  Progressive web apps are installed and launched from a user’s device; either from an app store or discovered via search engines, unlike native apps.  PWAs also sport features that include push notifications and offline functionality.

e-commerce Development 

E-commerce software facilitates the online buying and selling process. 

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