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Continuing the series on [Generating Content with Big ML Models] we’ll be using GPT-3 to generate marketing materials for business. I didn’t have anything particular in mind when beginning writing this, and have previously written about [Using GPT-3 to Write a Press Release], so I decided to start by letting it guide me to where I was going to end up.

To do that I started with this simple prompt:

Big AI models like GPT-3 can be used to generate marketing materials. Here is a list of various marketing materials that can be generated:

And I was immediately given a whole host of wonderful ideas:

  • Sales letter
  • Blog Post
  • Tutorial
  • Product Landing Page
  • Facebook, Twitter, or Google Ads
  • Web copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media posts

These are all things that models like GPT-3 can be used to help create. Whether it’s coming up with ideas, creating the outline, or defining the structure, you can push through your blockers quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Posts

A delicious-looking cup of coffee and a pastryLet’s try writing some social media posts for our fictional coffee shop. To keep things concise, the below prompts will be in italics with the responses from GPT-3 in bold. Nothing was erased in between generations, I just kept adding on to the existing text with the additional prompt text.

A coffee shop just created a facebook page. Here is the first post:

Welcome to our new Facebook page! We are excited to share our love of coffee with all of you. Make sure to Like and Follow us for updates on new products, special offers, and more!


The second post is:

We are now open! Come by and grab a cup of coffee! We have a great selection of coffee and pastries for you to choose from.


And a third:

Today’s special is a caramel latte! Stop by and get one before they’re all gone!


And a fourth, which is quite long and describes in great detail how nice it is to meet everyone that has been coming in to say hi:

We’ve been open for a few weeks now and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many great people! Every day we see new faces, and it’s been amazing getting to know all of you. We feel truly lucky to be a part of this community.

We hope you all have a great day!

Some people are naturally good at this, coming up with a hundred things to say on the fly. But for the rest of us, this is a big help.

Product Descriptions

Now let’s keep it going with some product descriptions. Here our coffee shop has four items on the menu, and we want the model to give us some nice descriptions of each item.

Here is a prompt that performed well with GPT-3 at a temperature of 0.9
A coffee shop has 4 items on the menu:

  1. Coffee
  2. Espresso
  3. Cappuccino
  4. Latte

 Here are the descriptions of each menu item, highlighting the most attractive features of each item:

 And here are the results:

1. Coffee: This rich and robust coffee is perfect for those who want a strong drink to start their day.

2. Espresso: This intense coffee drink is perfect for those who need a quick pick-me-up.

3. Cappuccino: This rich and creamy coffee drink is perfect for those who want a delicious treat.

4. Latte: This rich and flavorful coffee drink is perfect for those who want a luxurious experience.

Google Ads

Another common need for businesses is to write some quick ad copy. Let’s try writing some Google ads and see how that looks. Here we’ll try a different technique: using the same prompt multiple times to get a number of variations. The prompt we’ll use is:

A coffee shop has interesting ads on Google which get a lot of clicks. Here is one of the best ads:

And after a few runs, here are some of the ads it has generated:

Find the best coffee in town!
Click here to find the best coffee shops near you.


“The best coffee in town. Come try our new blended coffee.”

Get a free cup of coffee when you buy a bag of beans!
Click here to learn more about our coffee beans.

I personally regard this as one of the lesser-performing prompts as far as the quality of the output matching the need. Nevertheless, I’ve included it here in case someone finds it helpful.

Product Landing Page

A happy chef holding some vegetablesAnd finally, we’ll generate a product landing page. I won’t actually fill in the text but I’ve had the best success with a prompt such as this one:

YummyCoffee has a new landing page on their website for blended coffee. Here is an outline of the main sections of the landing page:

This produced the following outline:

-The header has the company’s logo and a call-to-action to learn more about the coffee

-The hero image shows a someone enjoying a cup of the coffee

-The main copy on the page talks about the benefits of the coffee and how it is made

-There is a section with customer testimonials

-There is a section with an FAQ

-The footer has the company’s contact information


I think this would be a great start to fleshing out a full product landing page. This prompt surprised me with the creative responses I was able to get out of it.

Other Marketing Materials

As you can see it doesn’t take too many attempts to coax some really creative outputs from GPT-3. I’ve had a lot of fun creating these marketing materials – they really make the coffee sound like I want to get myself a cup.

Next up we’ll dive into Part 2 of ‘The Complete Guide to Generating Content with Big ML Models’ where we use these tools as an idea machine. This goes beyond just generating content and gets into generating ideas for content. Stay tuned – it’ll be a wild ride!

Continued: The Complete Guide to Generating Content with Big ML Models – Part 2

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