Excel Classify function Add-on

ClassifyAnything for Excel, an add-on that will add a Classify function to Excel that does AI-based general classification. 

This add-on function is a powerful tool for categorizing data in Excel. It is used to group data into categories based on pre-defined criteria. This function can be used to group data into different categories for analysis, such as dividing customers by age, income, or region. The Classify function is a great way to quickly determine how data should be grouped and can help to uncover patterns and insights in data sets.

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ClassifyAnything Function Example

Example usage:

=CLASSIFY("UPTOWN BAKERY 4100000000", "Personal Expense") returns  Food/Dining
=CLASSIFY("UPTOWN BAKERY 4100000000", "Business Expense") returns  Food/Beverage

The ClassifyAnything addon for Excel helps to quickly organize data by grouping it into categories. This helps to make the data easier to analyze and interpret. The classify addon also allows users to apply conditional formatting to their data to emphasize certain values or categories. Additionally, it can be used to create custom reports that show the data in the way that is most meaningful to the user. Finally, the classify addon can be used to automatically generate charts that illustrate the data in a visually appealing way. This addon is a powerful tool that can be used to quickly and easily organize, analyze, and present data in a meaningful way.

*In limited beta | Call or Text to set up an order +1 (734) 367-4100


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