Onboarding refers to the first interactions your customer or user have with your product or service. This process is onboarding your customer and getting them acquainted with your product or service. Contact us today to explore your customer onboarding options.


CUSTOMER ONboarding 

The customers initial interactions are critical and these actions are what is called the customer onboarding process. This initial touchpoint has can impact customer retention significantly. Customizing the customer experience and streamlining the onboarding process can ensure you are doing everything possible to increase business, customer satisfaction, and retention. Customer onboarding is the systematic process that guides your client through the necessary steps you set as your objective.  UseTech Design builds modern onboarding systems that can automatically convert new customer data into your software’s format & data schema. Take the manual effort out of onboarding a new customer and get your clients started off on the right foot with a seamless customer experience.   


A customer portal is secure online access to a business’s information that is personalized for the user. 

There is no arguing we have entered a self-service world.  Customer’s expectations are high when it comes to accessing online services, support, and information.  It is critical to success that an organization hit the mark with their customer portal, meeting expectations for customer experience and satisfaction.  A customer portal puts service in their hands, letting customer’s access the tools and features to manage their issues and needs at their convenience.  Furthermore, when a customer is satisfied with their experience, they are much more likely to remain a customer. For example, a customer may be able to login to the portal and access orders, payments, support, or records, all at their convenience from anywhere at any time.  In addition, you can integrate your customer portal with your ERP or CRM system to share real-time data, efficiently.  UseTech Design can build and integrate customer portal solutions to meet your organizations needs and tomorrow’s growth.  

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